Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lobster Roll

Last night I was laying on my couch with my cat. I was feeling a bit bunk and kind of zoning, when I noticed the look my cat was giving me. She was totally saying "Why don't you blog?" I said "Don't judge me cat, I am busy/tired/full of other excuses." "You know you like taking food pictures and writing about stuff you make, and admit it, you miss the camaraderie of your fellow bloggers - they get you." "Fine! I will do a post tomorrow, I promise." "Okay...sure you will..." Take that sceptical cat! I'm posting! Anyway, this post is not about my bossy cat, it is about lobster.

I have a job where I occassionally benefit from perks. Most of them are wasted on me. Box seats to a hockey game - meh, an afternoon of golf - pass, but a while back we (my brother, dad and I) had a 30 lb box of lobster given to us. It came off the east coast dock Sat morning, boiled and packed, and arrived in our hands just in time for an amazing feast of a dinner. You can see the original haul at my brother's blog. It was the best day!

My brother and I sacrificed our fingers and foraged for all the remaining meat we could. You can see he made lobster rolls as well and then pasta. I did rolls and made a stock that I intend to use to make bisque.

The first thing I thought was "What kind of twist should I incorporate into my rolls?" I did some internet research, and then reconsidered. This was the best lobster I had ever had by far - why hide that - just go with it plain and simple! Here is all you need:
- shredded lobster (keep some of the bits in big hunks)
- a spritz of fresh lemon juice
- mayo (less is more, the lemon juice really makes it seem like more)
- a little finely diced celery
- some mixed greens for colour (I went with arugula and spinach from my garden)
- hot dog buns
I couldn't find the kind of top load buns I wanted, so I got large normal ones and trimmed off the edges. The toasty buttery outside of the bun is really a key part of the experience. Butter the outside, toast the buns, fill with some greens and top with a lobster salad of the remaining ingredients. Heaven! It amazes me sometimes how the simplest things, if made with real quality ingredients, can be the best. Yes, I ate both rolls myself :-)


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