Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's All Greek To Me!

I spent about four years working in the Sun Life Building in my former professional life, and in that time found a few favourite lunch spots all within walking distance. Although some of my coworkers didn't appreciate the onion and garlic breath inevitably left behind after a Greek lunch, there was a strong core of us that pledged our allegiance to a local establishment anyway and tried to frequent it at least once a month. The staff at It's All Greek to Me don't know me by sight anymore now that I work in the west end and live way out in St. Albert, but it still has to be my favourite Greek restaurant, in part due to sentimentality but in part because it still offers good value on great Greek food.

Located tucked away on Rice Howard Way, I'm sure It's All Greek often gets passed up for the more visible Cosmos located on the corner. It is a little place all done up to the nines in pacific blue and white and Greek paraphernalia. The menu is a pretty simple selection of all of the Greek stand-bys you will have come to know and love at any other Greek restaurant around the city, but don't be surprised when the "house salad" is actually a lettuce salad with the option of being upgraded to a traditional Greek salad.

I know that there will be some people that prefer a souvlaki plate done a bit differently, but I enjoy getting a lamb souvlaki (as pictured) on a nice thick pita, with a side of tzaziki (mine made with a bit of sour cream is based on theirs), roast potatoes, and a lettuce and tomato salad dressed with just an oil and herb dressing that is addictive in the way that the Olive Garden's is, despite it's simplicity. I get all of my favorites, done the way I am used to, all on one plate for under $15 at lunch. I think it gets a bit more pricey at dinner, but you get two skewers of meat instead of one.

It's a bit kitschy, but to me that just adds to the appeal. I couldn't imagine going to an "understated" Greek restaurant!


  1. This is a definite favorite of mine! Lets go soon :)

  2. Can't get enough tzatziki...on anything. Just had to say that.

  3. Ok that's funny. I was just there yesterday and was going to do a post sometime next week. :)

  4. Hey Courtney:

    Great post. I still head over there from time to time and really enjoy it. Nothing like going with a group of 6 at lunch.

    There is an It's All Greek To Me in Red Deer that is incredible. Try it sometime if you haven't and let me know what you think. They are not the same owners whatsoever, they just share the name.

  5. Looks great. A very bright and sunny pick-me-up plate.

  6. Best tzatziki ever!!