Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Restaurant Update

It's not like I am eating out a lot lately, but I thought that it was about time to start updating The Restaurant List slowly but surely since I have not been keeping up with openings and closings. I started today with St. Albert because it is small, manageable, and we live here. There are some new places, some that I just hadn't listed before, and some places have new websites - yay! I'll be trying to update other sections over the next bit, but feel free to leave a note if your fave is not on the list.


  1. Is that Japanese place in St Albert any good? I keep wondering every time I stop at Cobs.

  2. Ohana-Ya by Cobs or Koto across the street? Koto is very good, we go there a lot. Ohana-ya is also reasonably good, although I have only been there once so far. The sushi at Koto is delish, especially their avocado roll (with Shitake mushrooms). Ohana-ya has more variety of rolls to choose from though, but I haven't tried their actually sushi, so I am not all that sure if it is as good (friend here seem to be on different sides as to whethere it is better than Koto - perhaps there should be some sort of St. Albert sushi showdown).

  3. hmm I may have to try both and compare!