Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainbow Cake

My baby's favourite colour is rainbow (okay, my favourite colour for her is rainbow), so I went with that as a theme for her first birthday (how is she one already!?!?). I know, I know, it's not exactly new anymore, but I wanted to do something cute without spending hours piping little icing rosettes all over a cake. I just don't have time to spend 5 hours making a first birthday cake that she won't even remember. This rainbow cake is a great solution because it takes about 2 minutes more than any normal cake. I used a nice sugary, buttery cake recipe that has gone over well in the past. It freezes well, so I got to make it a couple of days in advance. All I did was put the batter into 5 cereal bowls and coloured each one with different food colours (yellow, orange, red, green, and blue). Then I drizzled each colour into the cake pan. Unlike marble cake, I don't swirl the colours because I want them to all be visible themselves. To finish, I iced the cake with a plain white buttercream icing. I just wanted it to look really plain on the outside so that it would be more of a surprise when it was cut. My daughter stuffed as much of a full piece as possible into her mouth and gobbled it up, so it went over well with the target audience.


  1. What a cool cake, I live this Court! I'm sure your daughter lived it too and was thrilled to see all the colours when you cut the cake. Isn't it so funny how babies/toddlers stuff their mouths so full? Happy 1st birthday to your daughter!

  2. Cute. It indeed is like everyone says: they grow up so fast.

  3. That is a great 1st birthday cake Court! I am sure Helen loved the colours and the yummy taste :)

  4. Seriously, it's SO cute!!! Nicely done. I bet your daughter loved it :)

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