Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eat Alberta Conference

Okay, we are terrible bloggers who never post but always think we are about to start posting regularly again (maybe next week? haha). Anyway, I am a day late on this, but I want to support it because it is being organized by a number of my internet friends. Stop laughing, I am not a nerd for having internet friends - in fact, if you are reading this you might actually be one of my internet friends. Take that nerd. Seriously though, this event sounds amazing, and I will definitely be going provided I can get a sitter.

This is a DIY conference! Some of the hands on sessions include:

· Sausage making

· Cheese making demonstration

· Apple pie and pastry making

· Bread making

· Pasta making

Tasting sessions include:

· Fruit wine tasting

· Honey tasting

· Coffee tasting

· Canadian wine and cheese pairing

· Goat Cheese Tasting

There will also be opening and closing keynote sessions on urban gardening and urban homesteading, respectively.

What the day looks like:

· 8:30 to 5 p.m.

· Continental Breakfast followed by the morning keynote

· Two morning break out sessions (choose from 8 different sessions)

· A charcuterie and cheese tasting lunch with artisan breads

· Two afternoon break out sessions (choose from 8 different sessions)

· Closing session followed by a “wine” down

Is it redundant to say that you had me at "wine" down?

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  1. Hey Courtney, I so want to go to this, maybe I'll see you there!