Monday, July 20, 2009

In Search of Candied Violets

Candied violets seem to be impossible to find in Edmonton. My own searches came up with nothing and a post on Chowhound also came back with some good ideas but no source. Instead of buying them online, I figured it would be just as easy to make some of my own - fortunately Court offered her help (and flowers) to do this. I imagine sourcing edible, pesticide-free flowers might have be a little difficult if she didn't have an abundance in her garden.

Candied Flowers:
1 egg white
caster (berry) sugar

These were simple enough to make, though tedious. Using a small paintbrush, paint the flower with the egg/water mixture, then dip it into a bowl of superfine sugar. Move to dry on a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. See? Simple. It did take several hours though to finish our small bowl of flowers. The end result was worth it though - these really made a plain wedding cake stand out.


  1. I agree--looks great! Do you cry over your focaccia because of yeast issues? Julia Child said that the only reason your bread won't rise is if the yeast knows you're afraid of it. Or maybe she said that about why your souffle would fall, but either way...

  2. Very nice indeed. It's all about the little touch.

  3. Beautiful! Those were lovely flowers to start with!