Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Freezers Make Life Easier

Having a stocked freezer makes eating and living well a lot easier. Freezer space can at a bit of a premium if you don't have a deep freeze (I am spoiled, I have a deep freeze, but Brooke does not). Even with just a little space, you can keep some basics on hand. Here are some tips on the types of things you may want to keep, and each of our suggestions regarding what we usually have to give you an idea of what might freeze well.

Eating Well - So that you don't get stuck having toast or cereal for dinner three nights in a row:

- Keep a few small flavor items that might go bad in your fridge because you don't use them all the time
Court: butter in stick form, lemon zest and ginger root
Brooke: ginger root, frozen herbs, frozen cubes of wine, sesame seeds, frozen cubes of stock

- Frozen fruit to use in baking in winter and smoothies in summer. I advocate getting the fruit when it is in season if you can, and freezing it yourself so that it tastes better and is cheaper than grocery store frozen fruit
Court: mango, blueberries and raspberries
Brooke: mango and mixed berries

- Meat so that you can buy in bulk or on sale since it is expensive. I always hit up Safeway when they have their bags of peeled, uncooked frozen shrimp on for buy one get one free as it takes almost no prep to cook with it
Court: I keep some type of red meat, meatballs or sausage and shrimp and bacon
Brooke: pork, chicken thighs and bacon

- Frozen meals for days when you don't want to cook but don't want all the additives of store bought frozen food
Court: soup and pyrogies
Brooke: Chili, rice and curries

For Entertaining when guests are unexpected or coming on a weeknight:

- A couple of appetizers
Court: mushroom tarts and spanikopita
Brooke: none - no room

- Something you can pull out for a meal
Court: quiche and curry
Brooke: curries

- A dessert
Court: cheesecake or brownies or cookies
Brooke: none - no room

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