Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet Flatbread

As mentioned before, flatbreads are a staple for me when it comes to lunch. This one admittedly is a rip off of a quesadilla my friend Kat made me once, but it's such a nice combination, it is one of my favorites now too. It doesn't hurt that the colours make it look beautiful as well. I feel more cheerful just seeing it come out of the oven. Seeing as I bought a big box of mangos from Superstore this past summer when they were about $3 for the whole box (12 big mangos), I still have tons of frozen mango chunks at my disposal. You can also use bagged frozen mango, or dried mango if you don't have any fresh.

To start, julienne some onion and red pepper and spread them evenly over the pita. Chop the mango however you can, it won't julienne very easily if it is nice and juicy and ripe, and add it on top. Finally, thinly slice some brie and arrange to cover. Pop it in the oven at 350 for about five minutes (or until the cheese gets nice and gooey), and enjoy! The red pepper and mango are very sweet, but in different ways, and the onion help cut that a bit so it doesn't get sickly sweet. The brie is lovely with the sweet and savory combination.


  1. what kind of base is it?

  2. duh...i re-read and see that it is a pita....doesnt look that way...looks yummy...i'm for sure going to try this!


  3. It's actually naan bread that time, but I usually use a greek style pita - which is nice and thick like this. It is like a pizza crust, but smaller, for one person :-)