Thursday, April 23, 2009

Col. Mustard's for Lunch

On a quick belated note, yesterday was our six month blogiversary! I know compared to most, that is not very long, but for me it has just flown by. I just wanted to give a shout out to all of our fellow food bloggers that we have got to know over that time. I have to say the sense of community gained through blogging has probably been my favorite part of the experience to date.

So, I am back to eating, but still easing into cooking. Especially when it comes to stuff like meat, having it prepared and brought to me makes things a lot easier. Although it was pre-pregnancy nausea when I went to Colonel Mustard's for this particular lunch, it is a lunch spot that I really enjoy going to, and I didn't want to just not review it.

I used to live right beside the old Colonel Mustard location on 107 Ave, and never went to it there. Now that it is on 124th Street, and I live way out in St. Albert, I seem to manage to get there a lot more frequently. Go figure. One of my favorite parts about going there is that it is such a great space. It is bright and sunny with walls painted various vibrant colours. It feels a bit eclectic and hip, and that makes it a great choice for meeting people for lunch on weekdays, or weekends when I want to do some shopping around 124th at the various boutiques and specialty shops such as Paddy's Cheese Market or the Greek grocery store.

The menu has tons of options: paninis, grilled sandwiches, wraps, classic sandwiches, individual pizzas, entrees, salads and appetizers. The huge selection can make it difficult to pick if you don't already have a favorite.

This time around I got the beef dip. I love a good beef dip, and this one was good and filling, and made with nice thick sliced roast beef, but would have been nice to have a side with it. When I am paying close to $10 for a sandwich, I do generally expect to get a few fries or a side salad with it.

My dining companions didn't venture far off the beaten path with their choices either. One had a chicken and cheese sandwich and the other a BLT. All the sandwiches were tasty, but I think next time we will go for some more adventurous choices. Anyone who has been before have good suggestions? With a menu that size it would be great to get some direction since I have always been prone to sticking with the tried and true.


  1. I remember the sun dried tomato sandwich being ridiculously good. My wife goes crazy for the asian noodle salad, I believe.

    I love their food, I just wish it didn't take 30 minutes to get a sandwich.

  2. CONGRATS! I found you through edmonton foodie's blog roll and have been reading both of your blogs for a few weeks. keep up the great work. :)

  3. I keep meaning to stop my Colonel Mustard's... I still haven't been. Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Get the lemon and garlic chicken pasta. Sounds plain and boring but it is unreal!!