Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feel Good About Weekday Breakfast!

Weekday breakfasts can be tricky. It is difficult to come up with meals that take less than 5 minutes to make, but are still tasty and healthy. This weekend I did some thinking about what kind of breakfasts I could have this week to shake things up. None of these involve reinventing the wheel, just making sure that simple items are done up to taste good and look good so that your morning meal is a pick me up instead of bogging you down. Each of these contains food items from a minimum of three food groups too.

Today's was a simple toasted 12 grain bagel half, spread nice and thick with light cream cheese, and then topped with fresh blackberries (which I got on sale at the grocery last week). They looked like shiny little jewels perched atop the bagel! The best part was the combo of the creamy cheese and the crunchy toasted bagel with the juicy squirt of the blackberries as you bite into one. Delish from beginning to end! As an alternative, if I had some extra brie to use up I have substituted that in the past for the cream cheese. It makes for a slightly more savory breakfast.


  1. If we had no clue, we could've sworn this was a pastry. Way to go! You've made a sweet breakfast not so sweet.

  2. Looks like a pretty amazing breakfast bagel!