Monday, June 1, 2009

Back on Track

I'm attempting to lose some of the winter padding now that summer is around the corner (although, with the threat of frost tonight it certainly doesn't feel like it). Bringing lunch to work everyday definitely helps with that, and helps keep my pocketbook full as well.

- 1 large pesto garlic tortilla with lettuce, 1/2 can tuna & 1 tsp caesar dressing, 1 small gherkin, 1 slice onion
- 1 kiwi fruit
- 9 grape tomatoes
- 2 rice crackers with nori

In the tuna salad I used caesar salad dressing in place of mayonnaise, which I rarely have. I can't finish more than a quarter jar before it spoils so I just don't bother buying it anymore. The caesar dressing was a great substitute, as it provided all the seasoning as well .

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