Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Healthy Fare, A Reasonable Option

Well, I am dating this post a bit by confessing that I visited Healthy Fare prior to hitting up the ballet one evening with a couple of girlfriends. We didn't have enough time for a lengthy sit down meal between work and the show, so we picked a newish restaurant on the South Side that seems to be somewhat of a "fast food" place, but with a major focus on eating healthy, and more than that I would say low cal, since all the calories are listed on the menu for each dish. I was a bit nervous, I still have a hard time equating tastiness with anything low cal, but it was worth a go!

The restaurant does have a number of tables for eating in, and while we were there, there were a number of in house diners, and also a number just coming and going with take out orders. Although the decor is pretty modern looking and the web site goes through how a good deal of it is also environmentally friendly, we were slightly put off by the fact that we had to ask for a table to be cleaned so that we had a place to sit. It was especially concerning given that when we arrived, it was not busy at all yet (and how many times have people speculated about the cooking facilities if the part you can see is messy?). Additionally, we found the ordering process a bit confusing. It is clear that you order at the till, but the young man who served us did not tell us whether or not to wait for drinks there or where to get the food or if it would be brought to us. In the end, we realized that they call you up to collect your food.

The food itself was actually quite good tasting. Two of us ordered the orange beef bowl, and one the peanut lime bowl, and we got a side order of sweet potato fries to share.

The fries were labeled as being only 85 calories, and so were a good size considering that. They were served with a garlic yogurt dip that I don't think was included in that calorie count. Both the fries and dip were delicious. We gobbled them up, and all agreed they make a great snack.

The bowls both also tasted very good. They had a large variety of well cooked vegetables, and a lot of meat, especially in the beef bowls. The only thing I would note is that although both tasty, the beef bowl didn't taste all that orangey (for being called an orange beef bowl), and the Peanut lime bowl had a good lime taste, but not much peanut. They were both served atop a small portion of brown rice. We tried each other's food, and two of the three preferred the peanut lime, one the orange beef bowl.

I did find that I ended up feeling hungry by the intermission of the ballet. Whether it wasn't quite substantial enough for me or I am just needing more due to being pregnant is hard to say. I would suggest though that a lot of guys might not find that this is quite enough to fill them as a supper.

In general though I would say this is a good alternative to typical fast food. It will be a bit pricier, but still reasonable, and worth it if you want to know that you and/or your family is eating food that is a bit more nutritious while still being fast.

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