Friday, January 9, 2009

The Free Press Bistro

I prefer to avoid chain restaurants if possible in favour of independently owned locations, and The Free Press Bistro is one of my favourites. It's located just south of Jasper Avenue on 104th St, so it is usually packed at lunch as it's relatively small. There is also outside dining available during the summer, which is quite nice as it is situated next to a small park.

While they offer a good selection of appetizers, salads, and entrees, what they do best is sandwiches. With over 20 types of panini, selection is definitely not limited, and at $11-$14 they are reasonably priced as well. The panini are large enough with the side that I usually end up bringing half home for my lunch the next day - extra value! The best part is that in addition to the standard choices, they have quite a few new interesting combinations. I'm still trying to work my way through all of the ones on the menu that have peaked my interest; so far my favourites have been The Cuban and the Thai Chicken. They're both so good I have a hard time convincing myself to try out something different.

I've managed to avoid the lunch rush so far as I have only been there for dinner, so I'm not sure what the service is like when it's busy. Later in the day there is only one server, but usually only a few tables are filled so the service remains prompt.

Definitely a place to check out!


  1. I completely agree. When I lived downtown this was one of my favourite places for supper. I love the salmon, caper and cream cheese sandwich with fries on the side. Another fave is the house salad with tomato soup. I would love to go back one of these days!

  2. I like to get the potato chips on the side (homemade) with the dill dip. Not diet food, but worth it!

  3. i often take the red arrow to calgary, and always try to stop here for a meal prior to hopping on the bus.
    service has always been wonderful and the vegie selections have always been yummy! it is a gem.