Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lamb Shoulder Steak

Recently my husband and I bought a lamb. Not a living adorable lamb, but a lamb in pieces for our freezer and many suppers. We were completely familiar with the lamb chops and what to do with them, but have been pleasantly surprised since then with discoveries we have been making with other cuts of the meat.

Last night we had our second round of shoulder steaks, and I have to rave. What a great cut of meat! It has fantastic marbling so that all you have to do is give the steaks a little pat with a paper towel, hit them with some salt and pepper and then pan fry them on high for a few minutes a side to turn out a beautiful, tender piece of meat. I would say it is a bit easier to gnaw the meat off the bones than a standard chop, and the meat comes off so nicely that we were left with a small pile of perfectly clean bones (not shown to save the appetite of those that would be turned off by that kind of thing). I am a lamb lover, and this cut may have just risen to be my new favorite cut!


  1. Lamb is so good. It's high on the list! Rosemary is our fave herb on a nice piece of lamb.