Monday, February 2, 2009

San Diego Tasting

We took a couple days off of all off our hard work vacationing in Palm Springs to hit up San Diego for a vacation within a vacation. The restaurant choices were pretty random, and generally not that great, but it helped me learn that doing some research before getting there might have made a big difference!

The first day we had lunch in the Gaslamp District, and we wanted sushi, so we hit up Nippon Sushi Bar. We got a couple of rolls (Alaska - crab, smoked salmon, cream cheese and salmon roe, Canadian - spicy tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber), and some sushi (fatty tuna and squid). It was pretty pricey in my books for lunch, but I guess I felt that way in general about San Diego. That's what you get when you eat in the major tourist areas of a big city without doing any food research before going, and then think about the atrocious Canadian dollar exchange rate. It was $35 US per person with a drink each, and the rolls were pretty small. The fish was very good though, so I suppose we were paying for the quality, not the quantity. The salmon roe were really gorgeous, just like little jewels.

Later that night we picked our dinner restaurant by walking around and just going to one. We ended up at a place called Aqua Blu. I can't rave about this place either. I know, I really should have jumped on the blog network and searched out recommendations instead of just flying blind. Norm had a mustard crusted salmon, that he liked fine, but he didn't think the sides were great (bok choy and potatoes). I had filled up on beer during pre-dinner cocktail hour, so I just had the squash soup and the salmon and tuna tartar appetizer. The soup was really nice, but the appetizer was just so-so. I guess I just expected all seafood in the area to be stellar with it being right on the coast. Dinner wasn't terrible, but for $30 US for most entrees, I expect a lot more given what I could get in Edmonton for that price.

Our final experience was lunch the second day (we skipped breakfast). We stopped at the Cheese Shop to get sandwiches to take with us on a picnic to Pacific Beach. Norm got a clubhouse, that was very good he said, and I got the pork sandwich with cheese and avocado. Mine was not great, but I feel like it was a little bit my own fault, since I ordered something that was bound to get a bit soggy in the hour and a half I carted it around before eating it. Oh well, live and learn. I think Norm's experience with this one was a bit more like what you should expect given the number of local food awards that were plastered all around the Cheese Shop. It appears to be a local favorite.


  1. San Diego is so gorgeous! If you like Mexican, try Super Cocina on University. It's super casual and low key...good for lunch!

  2. Yeah, San Diego is expensive for the tourists. Butonce you live here you find all the great cheap food. Like Super Cocina, but also there are many more. I think its cheaper in some ways than SF, Seattle, and DC