Monday, March 23, 2009

Bento Week! - Monday

I have a love of cute things, so it is no surprise that I adore bento lunches. I certainly don't put a lot of effort into them, though; while the complicated character bento are amazing to look at, I have no patience to do it for myself. All I want is for my lunches to be colourful and tasty.

Monday's lunch:
- 1/2 cup edamame with sea salt
- 3 small onigiri with nori (about 3/4 cup cooked rice)
- large lettuce leaf
- 3/4 cup strawberries tossed in rice wine vinegar

For once, I didn't make my lunch in advance, so this was a quick 5 minute lunch. I make my onigiri (rice balls) in advance and freeze them, so I always have something to fall back on when I haven't prepared anything or don't have any leftovers. They are just wrapped in cling film to freeze and defrosted in the microwave before packing.


  1. Your blue bentos are adorable. Where did you get them?

  2. Thanks!

    nibo, Court got the blue bento and another pink one for me at the Daiso Japanese dollar store in Palm Springs.

  3. Oh no, the bento came from the Daiso Japanese dollar store in San Diego when we popped over there for the day.

  4. I have the same bento box and I purchased it from e-bay.