Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Urban Diner: A Fun Breakfast Spot

Urban Diner is one of those places that I have driven by many times and never stopped in. It is just off of 124th Street in the West Central area of the city, in the part of town sometimes called "High Street." I pass it most often on the way to Paddy's Cheese Market, which you should definitely stop at if you are eating in the area. The Urban Dinner is a bright, funky space, perfect for weekend brunch with your friends. I see that the have a great little patio out back, so I will definitely have to return once the warmer weather has arrived to try that out.

We arrived around 1:00 thinking that we would be able to choose from both the breakfast and lunch menus, but I didn't realize that on the weekend lunch service does not start until 2:00. No worries though, as the brunch menu has a number of savory selections as well.

My dining companions chose the Diner Huevos, Two Eggs Any Style with Bacon, and the Diner Waffle with fresh cream, wild berry compote and the Vanilla Pears on the side. I had the Smoked Salmon Bennies.

The Huevos were good, but as they tend to be, got a bit messy by the end, and the two eggs any style were pretty much as to be expected, although the toast was a little well done around the edges. The waffle was delicious, although it was a surprise that the vanilla pears were actually a puree. The person that ordered the waffles was pleased to have ordered the puree on the side, but I had a taste after, and it was really delicious. In fact, it was tasty enough that I might be tempted to choose the waffle myself next visit. It's nice to vary waffle topping up from the traditional butter and syrup or berries and cream. All dishes were served with a generous portion of Diner potatoes, which I like better than grated potatoes.

My eggs bennie were also very well executed. I thought that the salmon along with the Basil Pesto, Roasted Bell Pepper, Spinach, Cheddar & Cream sauce would get a bit overwhelming by the end, but it did not. I think had I had even more, it would have eventually been a bit much, but instead it carefully teeter on that line of being incredibly rich, but not so much that I felt ill after finishing it.

Having taken a sneak peek at the dinner menu, I will surely be going back one evening to try out some great diner classics. The casual atmosphere and classic diner menu, with a few creative twists also make the Urban Diner the kind of place that would work well if you are going out with kids, or just a fussy eater.


  1. I love Urban Diner, and I always get the Smoked Salmon Bennie for brunch there too... it's so good!

    Last time we were there for dinner we ordered the 5/7 layer chocolate-fudge-torte monstrosity for dessert... it was so good and chocolaty, but we only made it half way through:( Although it made for a good breakfast the next day!

  2. I am in love with their eggs benedict and their potatoes. Their meatloaf and fries are good too.

  3. I love the Urban Diner! Their Mac and Cheese is excellent.

  4. That's quite a sauce on those eggs. So much going on with it, but it sounds really good.

  5. alas! i've only had a bad urban diner experience. don't get the breakfast burger. :(